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Is your internet service good for online games?

Are you tired of lag and game drops? does playing you favorite shooter feels more like watching a PowerPoint slide show? Are whiny kids telling you its your fault because your internet sucks? Well, lag can be caused by many factors like having downloading software like bit torrent or a significant other playing a huge MMO. Sometimes the problem isn’t caused because you are using too much bandwidth or have your console too far from your router, sometimes the problem is that your ISP (internet Service Provider) is not giving you what you paid for. There are 3 important factors for online gaming and in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to:

  1. Know your download and upload speed
  2. Know your ping
  3. Understand a bit better all this jargon

First we are going to test our download speed to see how close you actually are from the advertised speed that you are paying for. You need to head to speedtest.net on your web browser.

This is Speedtest.net

All test where done with my connection so next time you lag when you play against me…its you bad not mine

Before you do anything further its highly recommended that you stop downloading anything and go offline from services like Skype Msn Messenger and log off from your game console.When you are ready to begin the test click on begin test. If you prefer you can click on any of the little pyramids to chose another server for the test but its not really necessary.

Click to start the test

Once you click to begin the test some cool meters will show you a pretty accurate representation of what’s going on in terms of speed

Racing meters!When the test is over you should get a screen like this one below. (click on the image to enlarge)


The info provided on the top-left side shows you an example of how much time common task that consume bandwidth like downloading movies of music are supposed to take based on you speed. If you want to brag about yours super fast speed you can click on the bottom to get a link for forums.  If you think that download speed is everything you need you are wrong! its a lie that your internet provider tells to sell you the more expensive plan. Now we are going to test the actual stability of you connection. To test this we are heading to pingtest.net by clicking on the square to the right of your test results.

This takes you to pingtest.netLike the button says “BANDWIDTH ONLY TELLS PART OF THE STORY” you can have a super fast download speed or be below 1MB of speed and it wont matter if your ping number is high.The higher the number the worst it gets. As before you can chose  a server or click to begin the test.

After the test When you finish the test you will see 3 important numbers to the right. They are “Packet Loss”, “Ping” and “Jitter” . If you get anything other than 0% on Packet Loss it means that the data you send or receive is getting lost on its way, if you number is above 2% you should contact you ISP so they can address the issue. Next is the ping number, the lower this number is the better you connection is for things that require streaming like voice, movie streaming and gaming. If you are playing a shooter and you see your shot came 5 seconds after you pulled the trigger you have a really high number here. Last but not least is the Jitter. Your ping number is not always the same the more it changes the more Jitter it has, again this number is better when low. A high jitter number means your line is not very stable. When you finish the test you should see a grade telling you how your connection should perform. I recommend clicking on the “learn more about grades” it will take you to some great short info on everything you need to know about this.


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