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USB storage support coming to Xbox 360

As speculated by the news site engadged a few weeks ago the Xbox 360 is finally getting support for USB external mass storage. The new update to support this feature is expected to be released at April 6. It is still unknown what kind of data can you store on the USB unit or if the data will be protected by some type of DRM system. The size limit on the drives itself might be a bit disappointing to some as you can use any USB as long as it is between 1GB and 16GB and you format it on the Xbox menu. From that size you need to cut-out 512Mb of storage for a system partition besides the user data. This does not seem like much when compared to the PS3 which internally supports up to 750GB on Fat models and up to 2TB on the Slim and supposedly any size for external HD divided on 2TB partitions and the Wii which supports legally (hacks excluded) up to 32GB via SD card. Don’t get me wrong 16GB is a lot for the average gamer but for people who have their external drives filled with music and videos it may not seem like much. The folks at gamespot managed to get this screenshot at the GameStop website which shows a SanDisk/Microsoft-branded 8GB USB flash drive at a whooping $40 which is double the price for a drive that size.

Screenshot from Gamestop

Some people will probably buy this overpriced device because they don’t know any better just like some folks did with the white SD cards for the Wii which are essentially the same as a regular one. Just remember to tell your technologically disabled friends that any USB drive between 1GB and 16GB works so they save a bit.

Xbox menu showing USB click on the image to go to engadget post to see more images and read more info


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