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Still working…

Hello! I just wanted to give a quick update to tell you that I’m still working on the blog. I’m recruiting people for it, working on a cooler logo and a few banners. It will take me some time to get this together because I really haven’t much time and I’m still recruiting and making decisions. For now here is a list of things to do:

  • Organizing and creating pages for big categories like XBOX, PS3, WII, Handhelds (this one is all about NDS PSP and maybe IPOD)
  • Learn More CSS from a few tutorials I’ve got
  • Teach some of the staff about posting stuff (don’t worry they learn fast)
  • Lay some ground rules for the staff and the readers
  • Start playing more games so you can get different reviews especially older under-hyped games that fly below the radar for example “Last Remnant” was released the same day as God of War and probably many people didn’t notice
  • I need to make a tutorial about contributing and using the blog in general because you the reader can help make this blog awesome! (because “A winner is you!”)
  • And many many other stuff….

I still haven’t decided on what to do about language but for now I think we should focus on English because then we ca reach a broader audience, but we like Spanglish here on Puerto Rico so maybe some post will be on Spanish (like local news) and some will be both. for now this post is currently in English because I have no time to do a proper translation I will later fix that.

working lots of open windows!

If there is anything that you think is important or have a feature you want added please leave a comment so we know

See you later!…and keep playing!


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